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Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating adds a bit of luxury, and comfort, to your bathroom. Q4 offers a choice of manufacturers to provide flexible choices making installing your bathroom underfloor heating simple. Insulation boards and loose wire or mat systems from Linea and Warmup are eco friendly options that help heat any sized bathroom.

Ever considered underfloor heating for the bathroom?

Offering an equal distribution of heat throughout the entire bathroom, underfloor heating of superior quality from Q4 is fantastic value for money, and can work as the primary source of heat in your bathroom, or alongside your traditional radiator.

Our bathroom underfloor heating systems come with smart thermostat and programmable timer options to easily match your routine.

Why buy underfloor heating from Q4?

  • Superior products and quick installation to the highest safety standards
  • Eco friendly options with added features to help save energy
  • A long term investment that will last
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