The Maureen Vincent Memorial School Charity Update

  • November 29, 2017
  • Updates

Earlier this year, Q4 Bathrooms donated to an extremely worthy charity – Maureen Vincent Memorial School – to provide young children in Zambia with a toilet and wash block for their pre-school. The charity was set up in memory of Maureen Vincent and continues her work of enhancing Zambian children’s lives.

The charity’s journey so far has led to a school being built, teachers employed, one hot meal a day for all students, and (thanks to the latest donations) a toilet and wash block is being constructed. Prior to the latest developments the raised money has provided, most of these children didn’t have hot meals or decent sanitation. The school has completely changed the children’s lives and given them an opportunity to learn, and some hope for the future.

The next aim is to raise enough money to build a playground for the children and install a security fence around the school (if it’s not locked down in Zambia, it goes missing!). Q4 Bathrooms are proud to sponsor this incredible charity that gives young, vulnerable children a start in life. If you would like to get involved with the Maureen Vincent Memorial School Charity, visit their website for more details.




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