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  • November 3, 2017
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Once the dark wooden suites of the Victorian era, and the coloured suites of the 70’s, made way for plain, neutral colours, bathroom décor headed in the same direction. Most bathroom products are primarily made up of creams and whites to create an everyday room that transforms into a tranquil, relaxing area. Throughout this post we are going to explore ways of introducing colour to your neutral bathroom, whether through subtle ideas or bright, bold statements, and without a complete bathroom makeover.

Adding colour brings personality and something out of the ordinary into your bathroom. Depending on your personal style, house style and bathroom size, we’re offering ideas to revamp your bathroom by splashing a bit of colour. Each point below will look at subtle hints of colour and bright, bold statements to make your bathroom truly unique to you.


Having bathroom storage creates a clutter free environment and can be used in two ways; subtle and simple, or bold and a statement. Adding wood based pastel units alongside cream walls can immediately add a country feel. Compliment this look with cream curtains and pastel flowers and you’re simply adding character to your calm look.

Placing a vibrant coloured wall cupboard at the far end of a thin cloakroom will attract attention to the other side of the room. Carefully place a mirror along one wall so the cupboard is partially reflected, and light bounces off white walls to give the illusion that your cloakroom is longer than it is.

Coloured fitted furniture can act as the room’s centre piece. Bergen’s Hoxton finish compliments dark and light-coloured walls, while providing a modern splash of colour to break up the décor. Bergen furniture is not limited to the bathroom, the collection also caters for cloakrooms and ensuites, so don’t be put off by the size or shape of your space.



Giving a lick of paint to any room can completely transform it, especially in bathrooms. Before purchasing paint for your bathroom walls, ensure you are using one that can resist humidity and moisture – something that will keep your walls looking fresh.

Depending on your room size, painting all walls one colour will look stunning. Blue is a popular choice for this style, as it’s complimented by white (most bathroom products will fit straight in), and is known as a calming colour that will help set a relaxing ambiance. If your house is period themed and you wish to carry the traditional look through to your bathroom, paint the lower half of the walls a darker colour than the top. This colour scheme will have the same ambiance setting effect, while sticking to your traditional theme.

If bold, darker paints are not suited to your taste then painting one wall in a subtle pastel colour will add a feature wall to your bathroom with just a hint of delicate colour. Match the door the same colour, and you’ll carry the theme throughout the space.



Wetwall is a perfect alternative to tiling. Once in place, these wall panels offer water protection to your walls, and come in a colour that lasts. Go bold and make your showering area the feature of your bathroom. Adding a frameless shower enclosure will help reflect the light from your bold wall panel throughout your bathroom (alternatively, a smoked glass enclosure will capture the colour in one section but keep your wet area vibrant).

Double the colour, and add a wall panel behind your vanity unit. The mirror and basin is the most used combination in any bathroom, so draw attention to yours with bold colours and memorable lighting.





Towels and Accessories

Towels and accessories are probably the easiest way to add colour and personalisation to your bathroom. Starting with a plain canvas, so to speak, you can add as much colour to your neutral bathroom as you would like. Colourful towels instantly change the appearance of a bathroom and make it look fresher, matching a blind to your towels will continue this colour throughout the room.

Alternate candles in a complimentary colour to your chosen blind and towels, and highlight light, ambience and personality across the room. A large mirror will pick up the colours and reflect them throughout the space and produce a light and airy feel.





Bath Tub

Again, a plain canvas can open all kinds of options when adding colour to your bathroom. Keeping most of the room clean, light colours then adding a bold, freestanding tub will ensure visitors focus on the main feature of your bathroom. Matching a blind to your chosen colour will complement the bath without taking away from the centrepiece. Our coloured baths would also work with patterned walls. Finding a bath that matches one particular colour in your wallpaper will make the décor pop and stand out.

Equally, choosing darker colours for the general décor can then be complimented by strong brassy tones. A freestanding iron bathtub opposite brass basin taps will leave a lasting impression and ensure you’re picking an ultra modern trend.




All Bathroom Products

Matt products are a modern look and bring a completely unique concept to your bathroom. The Zaneti Giro Sabbia range introduces a sandy look that sits against earthy, natural tones. Use blocks of colour on your walls to ensure the matt products are your bathroom’s focus. A stand out, darker tone across the floor will unite the whole bathroom colour scheme.

Adding in the Sabbia accessories, you’re nearly kitted out with a complete colour scheme from one collection – we’ll leave the towels up to you.







Whether you’re sprucing up your current bathroom or completing a revamp, we hope this post has given you inspiration to splash a bit of colour and truly reflect your style. For more information on the products mentioned in this post, please speak to a member of the Q4 team:

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