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  • September 8, 2017
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This week’s Most Popular post is featuring one of our underfloor heating suppliers, Warmup. Underfloor heating is a proven way of evenly distributing heat throughout your house and in doing so, reduces the costs of keeping your house warm. While Warmup produce many fantastic products, the most popular item we sell is the 4iE Wifi Thermostat, which takes the heat saving feature to another level.

About Warmup

Warmup have been offering innovative products for over 23 years, and now sell their underfloor heating systems to countries across the globe. Each product is European Compliant, CE Marked and Accredited by numerous 3rd party institutions. Warmup have spent millions on researching and developing all their products to offer their customers technologically advanced underfloor heating systems.

While all Warmup products are popular, we are focusing on the innovative 4iE Wifi Thermostat.









The 4iE Wifi Thermostat offers the very latest technology in heating thermostats. Designed to suit any style house, the glass fronted thermostat comes in a choice of colours and materials and is wrapped with a chrome edge to reflect any wall colour.

Warmup have used SmartGeo technologies that help the 4iE Wifi Thermostat detect when you’re most likely to need heat. The occupancy sensing detects when you are home and what your daily habits are, helping it to create a predicted heating schedule. The 4iE also combines location services to understand when you are returning home, heading out or staying in – even if it’s out of the usual routine. The combination of these two technologies make the 4iE extremely accurate when automatically turning your heating on or off, and can reduce your heating usage by up to 25%. The predicted heating schedule means there is no need to to struggle with programming times for when you would like the heating to come on or switch off, the 4iE already knows.

Warmup have designed the 4iE to work with any smartphone via their easy to use app. The complimenting app also allows you to manually adjust the temperature as you need to, and will notify you if there is a cheaper energy tariff on the market that you can switch to.

The 4iE works with any underfloor heating system and is compatible with central heating systems, ensuring your home is at the temperature you want when you arrive and at more efficient temperatures when you’re away.

For more information on the 4iE, speak to a member of our team today.

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