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  • November 17, 2017
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Walk in shower enclosures are an affordable luxury that can completely change a room. A glass surrounded shower area reflects light throughout the entire room and gives the illusion of a more space, making walk in enclosures extremely popular for en suites.

We’d like to share tips on how to make the most of your walk-in shower area and ensure you have a stylish look that lasts.


The most significant part of a walk-in shower area is the glass used to create the enclosure, the quality and thickness will affect your overall look. To pass UK standards, glass used in a bathroom must be equipped with toughened safety glass, but the thickness will vary depending on what the glass is there to do. Having an 8mm or 10mm walk in panels create a sharp image within any sized room and will aid a light and clean feel.

Tip: Easy clean feature is a must when it comes to walk in glass, don’t lose your stunning impression with watermarked glass.

Framed or Frameless?

Either a frameless or framed walk in enclosure will leave a lasting impression, and the choice really is down to your personal taste. A frameless design needs to be high quality thicker glass, that remains steady after every use. The large panes of transparent glass create the illusion of more space, but a chrome edge can be sleek without overbearing.



Lighting within a bathroom truly creates the overall ambience and can transform a functional family room into a relaxing, personal space. Built in spot lights above the wet area highlight your walk-in shower and make it the focal point of the bathroom, whereas strip lighting around the edge of your wet area will create a wash of light cascading downwards and give your shower a subtle glow. Understanding how you want your room to feel is key when adding lights.


Adding shelving can compromise the space within the shower but without them, your clean look starts look cluttered. We often recommend alternative ways to add shelving without intruding on the washing area; a simple corner basket will provide you with somewhere to place your cosmetics without getting in the way, but if you’d like a truly non-intrusive shelving solution, add a recess shelf before tiling your wet area. Recess shelves are easy to clean, effectively store your needed items, and can be a feature of your wet area by using intricately designed tiles that stand out from the rest of your decor.


Shower Trays

A simple glass panel with a low profile shower tray gives a minimalistic look but is also minimal maintenance. There are no hard to reach seals or runners and the variety of trays available on today’s market will ensure you find the correct size, colour and style to complete your wet area.

Tip: A slate tray will add a modern, sleek look that compliments the minimalist enclosure and sits nicely amongst dark and light colour schemes.


The shower can completely change the overall look and feel within your enclosure, ensuring the shower head and fittings suit the room is key to finishing off the look. To carry a minimalist look you’ll need to conceal your shower fittings – placing the shower head above the showering area with a waterfall style shower, will present to the appearance of more space. Alternatively, exposed fixtures add a more traditional feel to your shower area and leave an impression when they are black or brass coloured.


Main Feature

To make your walk-in shower the main feature of your bathroom, the wet area needs to be decadent and stand out. Wetwall’s Opulence from their Boutique collection will ensure the wet area is immediately eye catching and the centre of attention. If your space allows for it, creating a double shower area will add to your bathroom’s eye-catching feature.

When designing your walk-in area, ensure you are carrying the theme throughout the whole room. A glass enclosure will work with nearly any style but if you’re in a traditional house, consider exposed fittings to carry the theme through to your bathroom. If you’re looking to implement a waterfall shower head, compliment the look with earthy colours and wooden features to add a natural glow.

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