Q4 Most Popular – Lux Elements

  • September 22, 2017
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Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the most popular products from our manufacturers. In the final edition of this series we are going to look at Lux Elements and their most popular item of Q4 customers.

About Lux Elements

Lux Elements were founded in 1945 and have well over 30 years’ experience in the wet room industry. These past 30 years have enabled them to adapt to changing trends and utilise a modern production method, making them one of the most experienced manufacturers in the world.

Lux Elements create panels, trays, benches and niches, all of which are made from a polystyrene material, coated in glass fibre and mortar – making all items sturdy and reliable. Our most popular product from Lux Elements are the Niches.











Niches are a modern space saving solution, the integrated look provides users a stylish shelf without protruding on the showering area. Made from Hard Support material that is lightweight but sturdy, Niches are compatible with Lux Elements Wall Panels, giving an easy and straightforward installation. Like all Lux Element products, Niches are waterproof and mould-resistant, and can be completely tiled or painted.

Available in four sizes, the Lux Elements Niches are from their Wellness collection and have been designed to enhance your bathroom design, and provide a great alternative to standard shelving.

For more information on Niches, speak to a member of our team today.

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