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  • June 9, 2017
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Often at Q4, customers call knowing what they’d already like to purchase so we don’t get the opportunity to tell them about all the great products we have in stock (although that would take us a while!). This got us thinking, what makes certain products from Q4 so popular? Over the next few weeks we are going to look at our most popular products from each of our partners and try to understand what makes our valued customers favour certain items.

To kick things off we are going to look at our most popular product, so far, of 2017 from Carron Bathrooms.


Profile Single Ended Profile Double Ended


The Profile bath is not only beautifully designed, it has one of the thinnest rims on the market. Even though the Profile bath is available in a ‘smaller’ tub size, Carron have design this bathroom product with a larger bathing space by incorporating a 33mm edge, the bather can enjoy enjoy a minimum of 190 litres of water in any soak. We think that the size is a main factor in making this bath so popular, it will fit in a mixture of room sizes without looking out of place.

Carron have provided various size and design options, including a shower bath, in the Profile range and each comes with the option of Carron’s acrylic or reinforced Carronite construction. Carronite is a unique manufacturing process patented by Carron, that ensures Carronite baths are more stable and hold water temperatures longer than standard acrylic baths – another feature that we think makes this bath so popular.

Carron Baths ensure their customers are receiving high quality products, no matter what size bath they choose. Some smaller baths on today’s market may be cheaper than the Profile, but the quality of the physical product and the bathing experience is often compromised. One main indicator is the weight of the bath itself, cheaper acrylics won’t weigh as much as a high quality bath which means that manufacturers may have scrimped on materials. Just looking at the Profile bath indicates the care and precision that Carron have put into choosing their materials and designing and creating their Profile range.


  • 1500 x 700mm
  • 1600 x 700mm
  • 1650 x 700mm
  • 1700 x 700mm
  • 1700 x 750mm
  • Single & Double Ended
  • Minimum of 20 years guarantee
  • British made
  • Standard size waste and overflow holes

About Carron

Carron Bathrooms can be relied on to produce baths with skill and precision. All baths go through an eight stage process before leaving the factory and their continued investment in technology has allowed Carron Bathrooms to push boundaries of design and produce more size options than any other manufacturer in Europe.

For more information on Carron Baths, contact our team today:


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